Issue with syncing player and 520

I loaded up the free session yesterday on my 520 but couldn’t seem to get the player to show the wattage / HR. I stopped the session after about 10 minutes and changed the trainer to BT from ANT on my 520 I then started the session from scratch. The online player never synced up again. The session worked fine with the 520 controlling the Neo and I recorded it all in Zwift. The question is what did I do wrong, is it possible for the online app to resync with the 520 if there has been a dropout of some kind. I think I followed all the procedures correctly but I’m willing to look at any any additional instructional videos showing how to link them up in case I made a basic error

You may need to refresh your browser to pick things up again.

I did and I opened a new tab and finally tried it in another browser. I will give it a go tomorrow :slight_smile: