is there any plan to release Xert on wahoo computers or must i buy a garmin?

We are in discussions with Wahoo but haven’t yet scheduled the development. Won’t likely be until '18.

just seen this, no point using xert then, wahoo has been out for well over a year, and as a device, already superior to the buggy crap Garmin offers

Tom, I’m not sure if you like Garmins or not, could you be more clear?

Absolutely agree about Garmin, so flaky, Wahoo so much better. But I do understand that work is ongoing with the iPhone app and there will be a limited number of developers, so it’s reasonable to expect to have to wait a while. Maybe 2018 to start the work is a little disappointing though.

Yeah it’s far too long to wait. By the time they start, strava, training peaks, today’s plan or even wahoo will have added the ftp feature to there list of features. Garmin already have something similar, won’t be long before they take apart the connect app that xert has developed and find how it’s done. Sorry Xert, this market is cutthroat and so in light of this, and how much I hate Garmin (clear enough @Paul Elkington) it’s au revior.

Your concerns are understandable. Wahoo does make a very nice unit and we’d love to have support for them. Many users like to use our Garmin apps but we offer a lot more than just the apps and ELEMNT users get all the beneifts of analysis and workouts (via Android and soon iOS). There are a lot of platforms that will benefit from our real-time metrics and when they will show up on these other platforms depends more on their priorities than ours in many ways. Others will come up with their own algorithms but we will continue to build on our innovation leadership and add new products and capabilities in advance of others.

@ Tom Ward: Xert is a lot more than an “FTP feature”.

Exactly. I’m impressed by Xertonline website and using it as a new tool to help with my training. I’ve heard bad things about the stability of Garmin 820, however from asking around our 800+ cycling club it seems the 1000, 810, and 520 are just fine. The only thing I’ve done with my 520 is to delete all the activities once a month, and it has been running fine. I’d love to be able to load club routes using my iPhone, its annoying to require a usb cable to my laptop. However as I understand it, Wahoo doesn’t support 3rd party apps - and so Wahoo is block everyone including Xert from supporting real-time stats, smart workouts, and other cool apps on Elemnt and Bolt! One other issue - Wahoo doesn’t currently support structured workouts (future update), and for safety reasons I’d like it to support the Varia rear radar but Wahoo has no plans to do that. At a minimum Wahoo needs to support structured workouts before I’d consider selling 520 and buying Elemnt/Bolt for better battery life and easy loading for RideWithGPS routes.

Complain to Wahoo that it doesn’t support 3rd pa rty apps on the Elemnt/Bolt. I’ve filed support tickets asking them for support of workouts, apps, and Varia rear radar support. Unfortunately they don’t care about safety, and have no plans to support rear radar :frowning:

520 is the most stable, as all the Garmin equipped pro teams have to use it​:joy::joy::joy:

I had a 520 and yes it was reasonably stable. Just bear in mind if you want to use the maps on it that it has very little memory available and no slot for expansion. That’s one reason for my change from 520 to Wahoo. The other is the ability to have large fonts on the Wahoo.

Really only suitable for pro’s who follow the motorbikes

Brian, I have an 820 and no issues so far. Granted, my 510 was excellent, but I lost it. And besides, the 520 has also some downsides. I am happy I have selected the 820 over the 520, but it is personal (and wholly unrelated to Xert)

Battery life and laptop connection to load RideWithGPS routes are my only complaints with the 520. I have no problem reading the fonts on 520 with my 50+ year old eyes… Use the workout feature both in the gym (Stages SC3 bikes) and on the road. No issues with map memory of 520 in Northern California, navigation during ride works about the same as Wahoo although I find colored line on 520 easier to follow. Initial setup of Wahoo is much better, as is loading routes. Why doesn’t Wahoo allow 3rd party apps on Elemnt/Bolt?

Well, 3rd party apps (a la Android) is relatively new to bike computers. My only issue with 520 is that it does not allow to edit workouts as 820 (and 910, 310 and 510 used to). In 820 I can set 30 secs average power as target, or change the target from the unit. In 520 (and my new 735xt) this is not possible. Most of the times, however, I build the routine in Xert, and I get rid of the annoying beeps and flashing indications that I am off (power) target. I was between wahoo, 520 and 820, and that (and the possibility of uploading apps and fileds) tilted me towards 820. Other than that, I was 100% happy with the 510.