Is there any method to compensate for smart trainer error?

My smart trainer produces a rather consistent error of around 10%, tested by both my quarq and my friend’s vector3 (by the way, the two match very well)

So if I should do a 1 minute interval at 200W (by the smart trainer) it will actually be around 180W (by quarq)

the best solution would obviously be the powermatch feature, but i’m planning to use the trainer with a seperate stationary bike, which does not have a dedicated powermeter.

When Im with the trainer only, is there any method to make XERT EBC to adjust the power so that it can compensate for the power error (fixed 10% would do).

the current % button on the EBC (on auto mode) will let me do workout with adjusted power, but will record the power values from the trainer (which will be 10% higher than actual power), and will probably ruin my fitness signature.

Searching the forum, It seems that there was a “offset” feature in the past, but this feature does not seem to exist on the current XERT EBC or latest XERT player (correct me if Im wrong).

This is a feature I’ve been after for ages. It exists on the IOS App but not for some inexplicable reason on the Android EBC app. My error is a consistent 9% by the way.


thanks for the info…

I might look into getting an old iphone or ipad

Hopefully that feature is added to android EBC

It you get it working on an old apple device don’t set it to auto update in case any new features incorporated in the update don’t play well with an old iOS operating system.