Is there a way to set a maximum training hours for a certain activity?

Ok so here my settings:

  1. I do have the XSS calculation from HR active (under profile settings).
  2. I do on average >4 hours of HIIT/Crossfit training per week. These activities are being “translated by Xert” and an XSS/load is being given to them.
  3. I’m currently also doing an additional 6/7 hours of cycling training per week .
  4. I set my training to “Continuous” and to “Slow”
  5. My current “training/activities” hours/week is around 12.6.
  6. My profile is Climber

With the current plan Xert is extrapolating an increment to 13.6 H/week in 6 weeks timeframe. I do not wish to increase the time spent training but rather its load/intensity.

Question: Is there a way to tell Xert that I want to keep the same hours of cycling training (6/7 per week, but load needs to be higher (for example instead of 2h cycle enduro training generating 155 XSS, I want a High intensity training for 45min with he same XSS value? or I need to search and select it manually every time from the “Recommended workout list”)

I saw that I can change the algo in the Signature Decay Method, but seems that Xert algos are only linked to the duration of the trainings, and not actually by doing more effort/load in a shorter time period.

Everything in Xert is built on a continuum that is under your control so you can modify the day to day through your selections and week to week as you see fit by adjusting ramp rate and focus.
You can change up your weekly allocation or stick to a regular schedule if you prefer.
The relative pacer needle position is based on a rolling weighted average and indicates if you are on track to meet your goals.
When you have maxed out your hours, you’ll want to change ramp rate to Maintenance.
You can up intensity using Filter and selecting higher difficulty workouts. However, jumping too far above your star status count to diamond count workouts risks failing workouts or you may need to dial down intensity during the workout.
The default recommended list will suggest top four matches for predicted form and XSS goal for the day based on similar activities performed in the past on same day of the week. You can mix that up by viewing Load More or use Filter to change focus, duration, etc. and recast the list of recommendations. XATA will adapt to whatever you decide to do.

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Thank you.