Is there a way to merge activities?

Power meter disconnected from head unit mid ride today so I stopped the session and restarted once pairing had sorted.

Does anyone know how I can merge the two activities?

Thanks :+1:

Use FIT File Tools to create one file, import, and delete the originals.

I have also used the site to strip power on occasion.
You may want to do this if your power meter battery conks out part way through a long ride.
You can then enable HRDM to estimate XSS.

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There is a tool available that works with Strava called FIT FILE TOOLS

1- web search “fit file tools”
Looks like this

   connect with Strava (optional)

2- download fit files that you want to combine

3- from fit file tools page launch combiner and follow instructions

4- once new combined file is created upload to desired app (I.e Strava, xert, etc…)

5- review new uploaded file to ensure it is accurate, if reject, delete file in apps and go back to step 3

6- delete original files

7- (revised) review results, notify support if something looks off

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Thanks both :raised_hands:

Note this step is likely unnecessary. Progression recalcs should only be performed when there are significant errors in your progression data. You can always message support for assistance with these sorts of issues and someone (myself included) would be happy to assist! :slight_smile: