Is there a "power curve" cart in Xert that predicts my X sec, min etc. power?

Xert predicts my threshold power, peak power and gives me a prediction of my 5 min power (as ive chosen “breakaway specialist”). But does Xert have a power curve chart where i can get predicted power on everything from 1 sec to several hours with 1 sec intervals, like in strava (although strava does not predict power but instead shows max average power one has already preformed)?

Not sure I understand your question. You have obviously found the power chart (Power Curve & Calculator), but that’s based on real data.

How would Xert be able to ‘predict’ your x sec/min/hr power? You’ll have to set it yourself.

As to an estimation, you can use said page to calculate your own curve, but once again, that is based on real data, or at least your best estimate. It will, however, make a projection for longer durations…

I didnt see the graph down below on the Power Curve & Calculator page. That graph is almost exactly what i was looking for.

I hoped so, but wasn’t sure :sunglasses: