Is there a filter or section for outdoor workouts?

I really want to give Xert a proper shot but can’t train indoors for a few months more due to where I’m living. Can I find more
Outdoor geared workouts to do on Xert that fit my profession? At the moment I’m just riding randomly and not feeling like I’m getting the best out of Xert.

If you ride with a newer Garmin Edge headunit, you can use any of the workouts out on the road. The workout designer (for any workout) can also export workouts into a .tcx format, so it can be used with older garmin units. Finally, the android app can be used out on the road (not sure how people feel about riding with a phone, but it is a solution for some!). Cheers.

On a Wahoo Bolt unfortunately! Would love to have the workouts synced on it though. Any way to get them workouts onto TrainingPeaks? Workouts on TrainingPeaks sync onto the Bolt. Also, what about the iOS app - can the workouts on that not be used on the road too? I’d be tempted to get a Q mount of whatever as a temporary solution.

At this time, there is no way to go from Xert to TrainingPeaks. They don’t accept our .tcx files for some reason - they may be using proprietary formatting. Currently the iOS app is geared towards indoor riding, but we have some plans to make it more useful out on the road. Stay tuned!