Is it possible to have strain score totals in the fitness chart?

Planning gets easier see: Strain Score Actual v Strain Score per week totals

The Training Load metric is really meant to act as your “running total” for strain scores. What you’ll likely see is an extra column on the calendar showing weekly totals for XSS both for previous as well as future weeks, allowing you to manage what you’ve done on a weekly basis and what you currently have planned. How’s that?

That wud be fantastic Armando! So far I did not pay attention to the training loads. Since started with Xert I feel like I can go on the colours (blue/yellow).
However measuring is better and that’s why I like yur idea very much!

A thumbs up for this idea. If we set a goal TL for a week maybe we could see how far we have progressed on that goal each day? Like – its Tuesday (Day 2) and you have achieved 30% of your goal of XYZ TL / week? Even a meter /dial? Also I find the XERT colors map very well onto how I feel. First time subjective feelings and the PMC lined up for me …