Is it possible to export .fit files?

Just to add a little more detail. I oddly see about a 10w difference between BT LE and ant+ data :slight_smile: So wanted to send some information to powertap to see why.

You can export CSV data from the Activity Details. Unfortunately we don’t have a FIT export facility:

P1 pedals? We’ve seen that too. L/R data is quite different.

Thank you for the quick response! Yup P1’s.

It is quite odd, it doesn’t seem to be application specific, almost everything BT LE will show about 10w at the worst (sometimes as high as 50w) difference.

Presumably the P1s are doubling the left power on BTLE and combining the L & R on ANT+. That’s my understanding of how they work, I’ve had a pair for a long time now.

That is super interesting, thank you John!! Perhaps I should reach out and confirm that is the case, as it is fairly good to know :slight_smile: