Is a subscription necessary to use android app to control computrainer?

Subject is basically the question. I have finally assembled all the pieces to try this out, but my “trial ended 4 months ago”. I’m unwilling to subscribe without knowing this actually works and is useful. With an ice storm hitting my city, now seems like a good time to try out the workout aspect.

Hello Chris. The workouts are actually going to go through a important update very shortly, where we’re going to introduce Smart Intervals. They will be for subscribers only. Although there is a cost for subscriptions, they can be purchased for a month only. I would suggest you hang on if you’re looking to save money. Once we’ve released them, you scan subscribe for a month to try them. Just $10 … the cost of a few BIg Macs that you don’t buy … think of it as we’re helping you lose weight too. :slight_smile: