Is 80/20 polarization actual doable?

I am analyzing my data in Xert and realise that I need to bring more polarity in my training (or just follow the Xert workout prescriptions more often :slight_smile:).

Currently my weekly polarity ratio is very often 98:2 or higher stating that I am more of an endurance type of cyclist which I know I need to work on. My best effort for weekly polarity was 95:5 and after analyzing the workouts/rides from that week I recall that there was a lot of Zwift racing involved which drained me hugely.

That made me wondering if a weekly polarity ratio of 80:20 is actual doable for a mortal like me. If I do a fifth of all my training time at high or peak intensity I think at a certain point I will just fall of my bike :slight_smile:.

Anyone any thoughts or experience with that? (that is the 80:20 polarity, not falling of the bike :-)).

Gr Johan B

80/20 refers to sessions, not time in zone. When you look at time in zone the ratio should be much closer to 90/10 or 95/5. Inevitably there will also be some work in the grey zone.



Thanks for clarifying that Mike.
My future sessions in the โ€œpain caveโ€ already worried me :slight_smile:.