Ironman wattage

I can see on the Power Curve tool what my predicted 5:00:00 ride wattage would be, but I assume this is for a 5 hour time trial, and not a 5 hour ride followed by a marathon. Therefore, if your 5 hour wattage on the Power Curve is say 250 watts, that has to put your actual Ironman wattage closer to 200-225 watts, no? You need those legs somewhat fresh for the 26.2 mile run. Does anyone have experience with this on race day or do the Xert folks have any data on way to derive your IM wattage off of you 5 hour wattage based on previous users’ data? Much appreciated!

Upon further research, this might be one’s LTP (Lower Threshold Power). Where can that number be tracked?

Hi Nick. At the moment, you can see your LTP under Account Settings/Profile tab.

Thank you! Would you say that’s a fair number for this or should it possibly be even lower?

Yes, your LTP would be a great pace for the bike if you need to follow with a marathon, with something in the tank to do so.

I realise that this is an old thread but its very relevant to my question and perhaps. you can help.

My LTP is 275 but my 5 hour power on the curve is 261,I thought from this thread LTP could be used as your IM bike power?

Hi Stephen. Both LTP and your 5 hour power are estimates based on your signature and are not explicit targets for your IM racing needs. If you are planning to optimize your IM, you can use either as a starting point for planning or your pacing through further testing, practice and training. You can then assess how to interpret the data for you and your speciific needs. They can often provide valuable input or starting points in case you have no background or other information.