iPhone only for outdoor riding, nothing else?

I would like to only use my iPhone for outdoor rides, not as an addition to a Garmin which I’d like to get rid of. For navigation purposes I am using Komoot which does not record any fitness data. Can I use the Xert Player for iOS to keep track of HR and Power and so on even for unstructured rides? Would you recommend another companion app to Komoot? Or better still, do you know of an app that combines navigation plus fitness tracking?

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Yes, just start an Activity with sensors paired.

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Thanks a lot. Xertplayer does not record GPS data and speed, though. Can I add/combine the data afterwards?


I wasn’t sure about that, so I didn’t mention it. However, I’m pretty sure it would require a lot of fiddling to combine Xert’s data with some other registration’s, like Komoot.

Strava not an option? Or RideWithGPS? Both are free.

Thank you, Robert. My initial question was for a good companion app for komoot that displays and records all the data Xert wants for its analysis. That should obviously include GPS and speed. If Strava and/or RideWithGPS do that, fine. An app that shows Xert specific data fields and records gps, speed, etc. would be too much to ask, I assume.


Both Strava and RideWithGPS have the ability to pair your sensors and record all data. They also both have a navigation function, in so far, that you can create (or upload) a track in their website environment and then load that in the app, before you start riding.

For RwGPS some functionality is limited when not paying, but the basics work. With Strava, you can pay and get more analytical data from it, but route creation is free anyway.

Not sure how much work it would be for Xert to integrate GPS / route tracking when outdoors. But Xert is not centered around that, so I’m guessing it would be nice to have, but may have low priority to implement.

Maybe it’s already on a to do or a feature request list.

Or, if you like Komoot for your navigation (maybe it does turn-by-turn, which is no-no in Strava and a paid function in RwGPS?), you can just load either Strava or RwGPS (I would probably go for Strava) and let that do the recording of your effort.

Still no ‘solution’ to your Xert integration, but who knows if it may be possible from within Xert one day?

Under Options enable ‘Record GPS’.
Under Settings enable ‘Speed from GPS’.
These are Android app settings. No sure about iOS.

I understand why you may not like your Garmin for navigation compared to what your phone can do, but there is a Komoot Connect IQ app for Garmin.

Also this was just announced:


This would be a good solution for me but I fear this is not available under iOS. I did not find it, at the least. For the time being I decided to use Wahoo Fitness that does all the recording. Komoot can run in the background and still give turn by turn directions both vocally and in writing.


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thank you for that hint also. I actually find Komoot IQ unusable on my Garmin 520 plus. To verify I just measured the time that it takes to calculate a 55km route that I planned with Komoot with a stopwatch. After you connect Garmin and iPhone via Garmin connect, which is a prerequisite for running IQ programs, and making the route available offline, it takes a good 3.5 minutes to calculate the route for the first time. If you happen to deviate from the track you will have to wait a similar time for directions back to your route, provided you are standing still. If you move it will not be able to perform that calculation. And I need two electronic devices instead of one on my handle bar. The one draw back of using a smartphone is that you most certainly will need a power bank. In my case this is a small device with 10000mAh attached to the downside of the top tube in a little tire bag. This gives me ample time for most rides. So my Garmin goes to eBay…

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I went for Wahoo Fitness for the time being. Was already installed and does the trick.


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True - I completely forgot that one and I have two other Wahoo apps installed AND I have a Bolt :joy: