iPhone app progress?

Is there any progress on the iOS version, as I don’t have either an Android phone or a Garmin device? Xert online is fine for evaluating rides after the event but I really want to be able to do Smart workouts to make it worth paying for Xert.

Won’t be too much longer before we release beta. App is fully functional. Workouts can be download, selected and played, even SMART workouts. Working on all the navigational and sensor management elements at the moment.

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Based on my limited trial I signed up for 1 year premium account to support your development and, more importantly, provide more insightful info while I train to increase my fitness level.

I have an Edge 520 and hoping for an iOS app that allows me to review dashboard/progress/etc from an app. Any updates on the app? I don’t care about connecting to sensors, just want an app like the one I have for TrainingPeaks.

Thank you for your support!!!

Many of our users simply go to www.xertonline.com on their iPhone. In landscape mode, it works well. In fact, many users take snapshots of their MPA chart on their iPhone and attach it to their Strava activities to share their results with others.

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I’ve tried that, and its why I asked about an update on the app :slight_smile: Any hope for an app release this year?

Note that the iOS app will just be a workout player. Nearing release.