iPad App Please


The iPhone app is great. However, I would like to do some interval sessions on my treadmill.
Therefore, an iPad app would be great for treadmill use (since many treadmills have tablet holders).

Is an iPad app planned ?

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Hi Robert,

You should be able to download the iOS app onto your iPad. After searching for our Xert Player in the App Store, be sure to switch the app store filter from “iPad only” to “iPhone only”. Can you try that out and see if you can get the Xert player on your ipad? Cheers

Most support landscape viewing of iPads only, so a native app would be really appreciated, giving the facility to view in landscape with correct rendering (same applies for Wattbike Atom users)

Hi Scott,

Sure, I already did this workaround by using the iPhone app on the iPad. However, a dedicated iPad app supporting landscape mode would be great. Please push your dev team to do this as I am sure there is demand.


Bump. Please provide an ipad app.

Any chance that we could get a native iPad app instead of running the iPhone app in 2x mode? Being able to use it in landscape mode would be so much better, and to be able to read the targets without my glasses on. It’s hard to wear glasses with sweat in your eyes


Agree 100%.


The iOS app hasn’t seen a lot of love it seems.

Please revamp and make it universal !!


So with the big 3.0 release you still didn’t make a universal app? Are you ever planning to enable the iPad layout instead of forcing use to use an iPhone app in 2x mode?