Ipad Activity details font size and color change

How do I change the font size and text color on my Ipad. The default is so small that I need to get glasses to read it and most of tge default colors are a very light gray, But most of the space is white, not being used. It should be easy but I cant find a way!!! HELP…and on my Iphone, its actually terrible. Im not color blind, at least there are no reds and browns. …even the text that I am writing here is too small. is that a priblem with cinfiguration with the Ipad? Or the screen designer forgot about cistomers over 60 years old! HELP

I assume you mean Xertonline and Remote Player on the Safari browser and not the iOS mobile app.
Try iOS Settings, General, Accessibility or Settings, Display & Brightness.
Options include brightness, text size, bolded text, invert colors, increase contrast. All will have an effect on Safari.
Are you using a regular iPad or a Mini?

5 year old Ipad and Iphone 5 (ill buy a new one when my sports stuff stops working!:blush:)