Ios Xert Player uploading different workout?

I’m very new to Xert so apologies in advance. It seems when I choose and do a workout with the player, when it appears on my Fitness Planner, it shows up as something else. For example, I did SMART Welcome to the Machine on my device, which showed up as Hardness Test in my fitness test. This has happened twice. Am I missing something?

It’s an Activity Name issue with the iOS player when the file gets uploaded. If you close that app and restart it, then start your workout, it should be ok. We’re working on a new release which will resolve this issue.

It seems to be a bigger issue than closing the app. When I do the workout in the app, it tells me I’m doing workout X along the top. When I’m done, workout Y appears in my planner.

Yes. It’s a known issue that will be resolved in our next update. For the moment, if you perform the workout that is loaded when the app starts, it won’t get renamed. Choosing a different workout after starting is what causes the issue.

Ok. Thanks for the response! I haven’t quite figured out how to choose “non recommended” workouts when using my iPad. I see a long list or recommended workouts, but they’re all recovery workouts and I’m really not tired. I know, I sound like my four-year old!

Choose the workout using the web (use Load More button or just open the Workout Listing and click the row to choose). Then when you run the Xert Player, it will automatically appear. :slight_smile: