iOS Train - Bug & Feature

Two items: feature request and bug report

Bug Steps:

  1. Go to Train
  2. Press filter and set criteria and search
  3. Scroll - it works
  4. Click a workout to see details
  5. Go back
  6. TRY to scroll - bug - will not allow it, will just click on a workout and go into details of it.

Feature Request:
Ability to select a workout from iPhone. Currently no select button, only available on the web. PLEASE!

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 15.5
App: 3.2.1(35)

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Think starting the workout has the effect of selecting it actually (even if not at all clear, or user friendly)… so if you start and cancel, then try and start it eg on Garmin, it should run the workout you had started on iOS…

Thanks. I noticed that too however unfortunately its not actually doing it. It shows it (after doing a start on the phone) but a restart of the app or check on the website shows it wasn’t actually selected.