iOS player with Tacx Neo

Hello Armando, I had to return my Garmin Edge 1030 for malfunction and no trying to run a workout from my iPhone 7 plus. I checked the Neo into the player and unselect Controllable with Zwift but the Player doesn’t control my trainer. Why is that? Thanks in advance for your piece of advice.

Hello Christian,

The Xert Player for iOS only supports the KICKR over Bluetooth for trainer control at this time.

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply Armando. The app’s description of the Apple App Store mentions: Interface your Wahoo KICKR and other Bluetooth devices to perform Xert Smart… It should be corrected to only mention KICKR.

Yes. The “other” BT devices refer to HR and cadence sensors and you are correct that the wording is ambiguous.

Hello, sorry to pick up from this topic, I too have a Tacx Neo and, me too, cant use EGR with the iphone application. However, I too, have a Garmin 1030 and neither thru my phone nor thru Garmin IQ app cannot use EGR and use XERT to control the trainer. Is there any expected release date for this?
Thank you in advance

Review the video on how to setup your trainer with Xert Player for ConnectIQ. The key piece to remember is to ensure that your trainer is not configured on the Garmin. It should be removed from your list of sensors. After starting the player, use the back / menu icon on the screen to bring up the Trainer menu. All should work perfectly.