iOS IPad/Phone issues

Hi all,

Noob question

Sorry for this question I am sure it’s been asked before but , I am struggling to get my head around the whole Ant+ and Bluetooth thing.
At the moment I need to control my Tacx neo 2 T via my Garmin 520 using the Xert player on the 520, which works but I would rather see it on the bigger screen.
So I would rather do this thro my phone or iPad , how can I do this ?
I can see the power and cadence but can’t control the neo power changes on Xert sessions thro either phone or pad .

Any help greatly appreciated


Until Tacx implements FTMS support for the Neo, you’ll need a CABLE ((info).

As FTMS does not support rider weight and the Neo needs that for the virtual flywheel calculation, I don’t see Tacx implementing FTMS support for the Neo anytime soon.

Wouldn’t hurt - but also not make a difference - if you would join the hordes of people already begging for that (for the past 2 - 3 years) on the various Tacx forums…


Many thanks for explaining that.

I’ll look into getting the Cable device.

Many thanks

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