iOS compatibility for fitness planner?

Hi! I like the idea of the fitness planner but I can’t seem to do the drag and drop on my iOS devices. Is this a compatibility issue or is there a way to add favored workouts other than the drag and drop? Right now I can’t use it even thought I just signed up for the monthly subscription. Thanks!

We’ve attempted to make much of the web app mobile device compatible but not all features are available yet. For example, you can tap a date and add a manually planned workout or activity but not yet able to drag-and-drop as of now. Gets trickier with smaller screens which adds a bit of complexity.

Thanks for the response.

This click add on a set date only works on my iPhone 7 chrome and not iPad Air 2

Same problem on Macbook? Due to iOS as well or ??? plenty of space on the screen of Macbook

it is when search was used I can’t drag and drop …