iOS AUTO mode

Yup. That explains it. :slight_smile:


The movie watching habit will of course kick you in the butt if you do a workout with a near max sprint in ERG mode and your trainer will put up a nice power wall in no time to crash against. Then it pays off to pay attention and spin up in anticipation of the wall building.
But endurance workouts and anything without red parts are fine to just do with brain OFF or thinking of nice things or whatever you enjoy.

We’ve actually gone back through most/all of the sprinting workouts and edited them to be MIXEDMODE, where near-maximal & supramaximal sprints are done against a fixed 5% slope (when AUTO mode is used), rather than trying to predict/fight the ERG spiral of death. This should significantly improve the workout experience for users with Smart Trainers.

I’ve read that, sounds like a good idea.

But I wanted to ask what happens if you switch to ERG mode on those. I’m going to try it in AUTO when I get out of base phase and to one of those workouts but my bike doesn’t change gears well on the trainer. Something about the quick release on the direct drive does not exactly fit the same as on the rear wheel and I was too lazy to investigate since it works ok in some gears and in ERG mode you don’t really have a reason to change gears.
Yes stupid reason, I know. I should try to fix the fit of the bike on the trainer, the cassette is the same (Simano race 10 speed, same sizes) and the trainer (Tacx Flux) should fit the bike (mix of a crosser and a fitness bike from 2008 or so) as far as I know.
I’m probably loosing a couple watts on the far from perfect drive train as well judging from the noises but I use noise cancelling headphones to get rid of the noise from the two ‘vornados’ that keep me cool anyways :wink: …out of ear out of mind.

I have trust issues. :laughing: I generally believe if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Trust this trainer?? No way! (For the same reason I hate trusting safety equipment rather than my wits and attention.) :man_shrugging:

Although I did manage to watch a number of episodes of third season of The Sinner on Netflix, which was a little challenging because I was spending alot of energy focusing and keeping on the numbers.

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had the same problem due to having an old 10 speed cassette, even with the right spacers. Actually fairly simple to fix with a couple of quarter-turns of the rear derailleur barrel… just remember how many turns you’ve done so that you can put it back again!

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You’re probably right. Thanks :slight_smile: