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I use Wahoo and the iOS app (not Garmin and not Android). Am I missing something or is the iOS app lacking the “workout” page that the Android app has (see below)? Without that, it makes it almost impossible to follow a prescribed workout by just waiting for the target wattage number on the Xert-o-meter to suddenly change to another target number. Screenshot_2016-01-22-16-07-49-500x889

You can use the app with the Remote Player. Just open on the Remote Player (even on your iPad) to follow the workout.

I’m sorry - I don’t understand. I ride exclusively outdoors - not on a trainer indoors. Is the remote player what runs on my laptop? Obviously I can’t use that out on the road…

The iOS app currently does not show the workout profile. It is in the works though.

I have an idea, but have not been able to get it to work. A workaround for now, would be to export the structured workout files from Xert into my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt via trainingpeaks. I tried exporting the TCX and ERG files however trainingpeaks says “unable to parse” the TCX file and doesn’t support ERG file format. Any thoughts/suggestions on getting a structured workout out of Xert and into an Elemnt Bolt? It’s not ideal because it lacks the dynamic adaptation of the Android Xert app, but it’s the only way to follow a complex Xert workout without a Garmin or Android for now.

You may want to look into ways to bring ERG workouts into TrainingPeaks. I’m pretty sure that’s a recurring question since most systems use ERG.

Still in the works? If not, how do I get it on screen?

It’s in the app now. Try swiping the top panel (and the second from top panel too) - you’ll find a variety of associated metrics plus the workout chart overview :slight_smile:

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Fab! Thankyou.