iOS App

Hmm, from the looks of it, it seems the iOS app is incomplete in many ways, would be nice to have a list of things that are not there yet so the users will have an idea on what to expect.

Like for example, I see that only Wahoo Kickr is supported, so does this mean the Kickr Snap is not supported? Is this why the resistance is low by default (app defaults to 129W)? And will be nice to have a tutorial or something to walk through the interface

I’m pretty sure I have used the app (before moving to my Garmin Edge to control workouts) with my Kickr Snap…

Thanks! That’s reassuring to hear, so how about the 129W default, is yours the same? Or is this dynamically set based on my profile? And why is it that low to begin with? 129 is really low

Not sure what you mean by the app defaults to 129W. Armando can probably help here. The app should dynamically adjust the resistance based on whatever workout you are doing. If you haven’t uploaded many workouts with power data included Xert may not know what your FTP is. That could perhaps result in a lower than expected resistance level when using the app. Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the app since I only used it a couple of times before switching to using my Garmin to control workouts.

In more detail, when I select the workout, the default power value is set at 129W, so do I have to manually adjust it or this depends on my current fitness according to Xert data? I’m certain I’m not at 129W, haha


I believe that 129W is the target power for that portion of the workout. Depending on which workout you chose that makes sense. Even if your FTP is much higher the workout may begin with a warm up for a few minutes before stepping up the power target. Which workout were you trying to do? That may help answer the question. If you pull up the remote player/monitor on the Xert website while you are running a workout from your phone you can see the target power for the entire workout at the bottom of the page…

The workout is Sweet Spot @ 82%, even when ramping up, it gives me 175W, which is way too easy, I had to up it to 200W to even feel challenged, and somehow it doesn’t remember this setting, so each time it ramps up again, it’ll default to 175W and I have to manually up to 200W, so is this normal?

Be sure your trainer is calibrated. Changing gears often can mess up calibration on some units. Increasin the interval power only applies to the current interval at this time. We’ll be adding a workout scaling capability in future releases.

By calibrated you mean to spindown the trainer using the Wahoo iOS app?

So when I workout, how do I know what value I should set since the default seems too low? And what gear should I be in then?

Which trainer are you using?

Kickr Snap 2018 (Kickr Climb compatible)

Snap is fully supported, although the data quality from the Snap can be quite suspect. We have found that if you change gears, you’ll end up with varying power in erg mode. Xert picks up the flaws in error data and magnifies them so have a quality power data feed is very important otherwise you may get inconsistent results. Still works well, but you may not get a down-to-the-second MPA prediction as you would with a quality power meter. Good luck!

I see, but why does it feel very easy to pedal on a 50x16 @ 100rpm, 200W as in other apps (Kinomap, FulGaz), to pedal on 50x16 @ 100rpm, 200W is a lot harder, is this cause the trainer is running on ERG mode?

And also, will this cause an issue? As you can see the Kickr Snap sends speed and power data, I have a 2 in 1 Cadence/Speed sensor but it’s only able to transmit 1 data at a time (I set this at Cadence), but on the display, it shows both speed and cadence and sometimes during pairing, speed will disappear from Kickr Snap (closing and reopening the app seems to make speed appear back or I just need to disconnect and reconnect the cadence sensor)

It’s hard to say why it feels easier or harder. The app simply tells the trainer to set a given power. If that feels wrong, then double check calibration or gear or perhaps get a friend with a decent power meter to help you understand what your trainer is doing.

The app picks the first speed sensor it finds at this time so is likely using your cad/spd sensor if you don’t see speed. Fortunately, speed isn’t material to your training while on a trainer in erg mode so it’s not something that will impact your training. The app is going through a number of updates and we expect to address this in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

Awesome! Well I hope I’ll be able to see some of those improvements while my trial mode is still available :slight_smile: