Invalid signature error when creating workout and no workout option in mobile

Signed up today as I saw your app on DC Rainmaker. Logged in to the website created a test workout 1 interval 5min and hit saved and got an invalid signature error pop up. Made a workout with a few more intervals just incase that was the issue, same error. Downloaded and logged into the mobile app (Android 7) and there is no menu for workout. What am I missing in the setup of the workout and mobile app?

Figured out the invalid signature and was able to create a custom workout. On the mobile app the workout option now shows and I am able to view all the standard workouts but am unable to find the custom workout I created. Where do I select this?

Thanks for joining in the fun! :slight_smile:

You may need to refresh the workouts on the app. Pull down on the list to refresh.

Hi Armando
Swiping down to refesh under the selected menu in workout does nothing literally nothing as its not refreshing at all . Swiping from the top, from the arrow and even from the words swipe down has no responce