Intervals are longer than expected with ConnectIQ

I did the “SMART - Iron Man - 75” workout and it ended up being 1h40 long and 135 XSS points, instead of the expected 1h13 and 99 XSS. At first I thought it was because most of those intervals target a specific reserve MPA, so maybe I wasn’t hitting the target power exactly and it was taking longer than expected to reach the target MPA. But looking at the graph post-workout, even the first 5 intervals during warm-up, which are not SMART, take longer than expected. Each of those 1’ segments ended up being too long by anywhere between 15 and 20 seconds.

What gives? Workout is and was running on an Edge 520. Using a Neo in Erg mode and a Power2max NG with powermatch on.

Now looking back at previous workouts, I can see that those too were longer than expected, although not by as much since they had fewer intervals.

We’ve seen this before with the 520 and is something we’re looking into. It may be starting to run low on computing resources. Try another workout and let us know if you’re seeing the same thing.

Same on my Garmin 520 last night, 108 min workout took 112 min , seemed to vary , last two minutes I timed it with my stop watch and it was correct, but some hard intervals were painfully longer , and I am sure it was not just because I wanted them to end :wink:

I had the same experience yesterday on my Edge 820 - I did the SMART - COMFORTABLY NUMB. The duration is 100 min and the workout took 108 min. I’m on a Neo with a Quarq Dzero powermatch turned on

Be sure to check that you’re not just seeing intervals go longer because they are smart intervals. You’ll see purple numbers on the player when they are variable.

I had a related problem. The workout I was doing was based entirely on time for % of TP so not a SMART workout. It was alternating between two %, the first for 3 minutes and the second for 2 minutes. Worked fine until near the end where powermatch got “stuck” at the lower % so the last two intervals were all at the lower setting. Garmin 520.

Thanks Fred. Send support a link to the activity. It would be good to look at your data to see if the powermatch algorithm may have made an error in calibration.

Thanks Armando, can you put up a link that explains the SMART workouts and how the interval length might alter

We have a Xert Mobile video that shows this in action. Best to see it.