Interval timer slows during interval

New to Xert - using a CycleOps Magnus. I notice that when I am riding well above the target power, the interval timer slows to about about 1 sec for every 2 seconds of real-time. Based on this the overall workout will take longer.

What is the reasoning behind this system behavior?

Hi Mitch,

Excellent question. You’re trying one of our SMART workouts, which adapt in real time according to how you’re executing the interval. As you’re above/below target power, the interval becomes longer/shorter.

You can learn more about our SMART workouts here:


Thanks Scott- very helpful - your team has really put together a lot of valuable info!

Another question along the same lines…

Today I did SMART - Say It Ain’t So on my CycleOps Magnus with ERG mode. The rest intervals where too long and too easy, so cut them short and jumped to the next Sprint Interval. Reducing the 1hr 10min workout a 52min workout.

How will this affect my training load?

Still not yet fully versed on all the metrics and impacts to training but trying to learn as much as I can.

Your end-exercise XSS will most likely be a little short of the expected XSS. Focus might be a little different as well, depending on whether you skip ahead work intervals or recovery intervals.