Interval Target does not correspond with suggested workouts

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I am still somewhat new here. And of course still a little confused. XATA says, for example, for tomorrow my interval target would be at 300w, so about TP. But the suggested workouts would be much more intense there (aka Ronnestad).
Who should I believe now? I think this interval target at XATA refers to the interval range I could/should ride at free outdoor rides. Why does this not match the suggested workouts?

Click (?) next to Focus Type on the XATA page and it will go to this reference article –
Understanding β€˜Focus’ and how to use it – Xert (

TL;DR It’s all about Focus. The recommended workout list is typically performed indoors at precise intervals and wattages (EBC in AUTO mode). The free ride advice to focus type is an outdoor method to arrive at similar focus riding irregular intervals at rough target watts while monitoring a couple Xert data fields on your head unit.

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Also, open A Pain That I Am Used To in Workout Designer and notice the XSS distribution (low, high, peak) and Focus Type.

Have you had a chance to watch all the Academy videos?
They are meant to be watched in order (building blocks), but I1 discusses Focus and XSS distribution (strain ratio).
Episode I1 - Mastering Xert - Improve - Quantifying Your Training - YouTube

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