Interaction with Stryd...

I have a bunch of runs with the Stryd power meter in my (linked to Xert) Strava account. Is this going to mess up my Xert calculations? (The Stryd pretty much blows my Stravan power curve, so concerned that there’s “grade inflation” here.)

At the moment there are two options available to you: 1. You can manually set the fitness signature for the Stryd activities. Update the three values using Activity Details/Advanced and Save/Lock. If it’s your last activity and you plan to do several runs in a row, you won’t have to adjust the subsequent ones. When you do a cycling activity, you’ll need to do the same to that activity: go in and set the signature. It’s a bit cumbersome but once everything is setup, it’s not too much to do after a run/ride. 2. The other method is to setup a separate account just for running. There are a number of athletes doing it this way.

I’m thinking of getting sneaky here, and adjusting what Stryd thinks I weigh to normalize power between cycling and running. In my case that’s lowering Stryd’s weight value by around 10%.

Won’t work … the rest of the curve will be shaped differently.

Better to try what Armando is suggesting.

Are there any plans to maintain separate signatures for running and cycling activities automatically? I’ve just gotten a Stryd and am concerned that without a lot of manual effort it going to totally screw up my numbers.

Contact me off-list as we are looking at some alternatives for Stryd users.