Intensity analysis

Hi All,

I did 10 hill repeats last monday. When I look at my intervals, I can see that my average power output goes down every hill climb. This is quite normal because you get more and more tired.
Can I use Xert to give a “score” to every interval and gauge how motivated I was to push it to the edge ?


Anyone ? Or am I asking stupid things ?

Hi Bart. I had put in a feature request to show the strain for a selected region (on our list of to-dos) as a result of your question and then missed the follow-up.

You can judge the motivation indirectly by looking at how deep your MPA goes at the very end of the interval. The closer MPA is to your power, the more motivated you were. Sometimes you’ll notice that you’re more motivated during the early intervals than the ones that come later. This is because the discomfort increases to achieve MPA as more intervals are done.

Part of what you want to achieve with training is to improve your ability to hit MPA during times of discomfort. This takes adaptation and training.


Couldn’t this be done by importing the laps? I just realized that although I have laps in training peaks, none of that data is being shown in Xert.

Laps, intervals and Strava segments would be a good thing to tag and show a comparison chart. This is a feature we are working on. At the moment, you can manually select a region to see how your numbers look and compare by sliding/selecting another region. (What’s nice is that the map now also zooms to that selected region too… new feature… :wink: