Integration with Whoop

Any plans to integrate metrics (such as Recovery, HRV, RHR) from Whoop? It is quite useful for coaches and athletes. and I’m pretty sure some of the models could be adjusted on a daily basis depending on those metrics.


Hi Marco,

I think recovery metrics like RHR/HRV would compliment our software really well, especially the freshness feedback slider. However, we have plans to keep innovating in other areas at the moment. Cheers

I’m using XERT for on-bike/fitness strain and Whoop for recovery/all other strain. It would be incredible to bring those ecosystems together.

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Me too, i also would like to see an integration. would be a great benefit

Many already integrate Whoop or other metrics with Xert. You can use them to inform your choice of workouts on a day-to-day basis. One thing that we have yet to see is how to predict what your level of stress/tiredness will be into the future so that we can forecast your training. This isn’t readily known and thus you have to make a “game time decision” anyway. With Xert, if you choose to veer off by either overriding training recommendations or using the Freshness Feedback to adjust the recommendations, you’ll know that these decisions will be accounted for in future recommendations, i.e. you’ll likely see changes as a result. This adaptive feature is the best way to incorporate things like Whoop, HRV or even your own personal measure of stress into your training.


I am very interested in HRV integration as well. For the time being, I am using my Polar Vantage V with a Polar H10 chest strap to record HRV and get the training advise. I also use an app called EliteHRV. Both usually give me similar advise and compare it to training advise I get from Xert. Works well.

Hi Armando, is the Freshness Feedback setting a time series? IE Does Xert remember that I set it at 5 from August 5-31 and then dialed down to 2 on Sept 1? Or is it a timeless variable (applies to all time)?

Unfortunately, it is a timeless variable. We actually wanted to capture the changes and record them but it would have proven to be a huge effort to write the code to manage that (and then to deal with all the questions afterwards on “why this” and “why that” when people saw things change on the planner for no readily apparent reason).

I like to use WHOOP to see what my recovery status is and XERT to see what my legs can do on the bike. The WHOOP strap is great because Garmin picks up the signal for heartrate instead of using a chest strap. It is interesting to see how WHOOP sees the stress on their scales of stress versus what XERT tells me about what I did to myself. I do not see how the two can be integrated except thru the understanding of the users.

Thanks Armando - not necessarily unfortunate in my mind - just good to know this is how it works.