Integrating core work

I would like to introduce some core work into my weekly training (planks, pull ups, hip thrusts etc). This is more for general health than its benefit to my cycling. However, how we I go about quantifying or recognising it’s effect on my fatigue? As it would be targeting different muscles groups could I just add it in and leave my cycling training plan unaffected?


I’ve taken the opportunity to add strength training into my schedule during this period of not having any races due to Lockdown in the UK. It certainly does impact you physically and I’ve found that as a result some of my bike workouts have been harder than XATA seems to suggest. Although saying that I’m convinced my PP is incorrect as I have never achieved what it says I’m at, so maybe that has had an effect.

What I’ve done is listen to my body, if I’m sore then I’ve gone for something a bit easier on the bike, my thinking is that the long term benefits of becoming stronger or more robust physically outweigh the short term losses of a couple of bike workouts. I’ve also started tracking my HRV again and sometimes adjusting according to that, although not always as often I feel a bit better than that suggests, but if HRV is low and I feel tired I’ve adjusted.

Today is a prime example, I have core work and a bike session planned, but HRV is low and I feel tired, so I’ve dropped the bike, I’ll do the core workout and hopefully at the weekend I’ll make up some of the XSS in a longer steady ride rather than punish myself doing an interval session.


Thanks for your input. I guess I’ll just have to judge it on feel. What’s HRV?

Heart Rate Variability: