Injury and Xert

Just sustained an injury after hitting black ice (broken elbow), obviously this now means that I’m going to have to reduce my training for a while. Hoping to be able to get a bit of indoor riding done but curious as to what will happen regarding the fitness adviser and what steps I should take regarding settings I should alter in my profile (Decay method etc). I am currently in my base phase with my goal event set for the middle of April.

I would think that you should switch to ‘off season’ for your progression rate, unless or until you can do more training. Switch to maintenance (by) then.

As to decay, you can either leave it as is, unless you know that your decay rate is effected either more or less by your reduced training (load).

I think I’ve read somewhere that ‘no decay’ is not advised for any long period of time, but once you get back at it full swing, with parameters set to ‘normal’, the system will catch up pretty soon anyway…

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Thanks, had already put in off season for progression, but will switch decay mode as it was set to ‘no decay’ as I am in base.