Would it be possible to add an injury period in the Planner ?

At the very minimum it could be just there for historical purposes just as a reminder why there were a number of consecutive days without activities, but now that I think of it this could also be extended to tweak the training intensity or volume when returning back to training after taking time off. Or maybe if the user decides they could expire the fitness signature on the day of the injury due to severe injuries and calculations could start from scratch from data coming in post injury.

I’m, pretty sure you catch my drift will leave it up to you to accept or decline or give it your own spin.


I like that idea Reuben. I was injured myself. But I think there is a lot of “it depends” when it comes to prescribing training but identifying it on the planner and progression chart could be useful when reviewing historical performance and to remove sections from the system when it attempts to interpret your fitness to training relationship.

That would be a great feature