Inifinitely spinning indicator under activity

My last few activities don’t show the graph underneath the fitness signature information, instead there’s a spinning progress indicator that never goes away. Also when I get activity details I get a brief warning that my fitness signature is not invalid. I’m not sure what broke?

You had a 2700W power spike on Apr 20 that went undetected. Your signature for that activity was corrected and saved/locked. If you perform a progression recalculation in the future, you’ll need to make this change again. Alternatvely, you can delete the activity and replace it with a manual entry for XSS.

Just getting started and I’m having these same errors. Not sure how to find faulty data…

Use the Activities Table and add columns / sort by columns to find activities that look to be generating strange results. Read the FAQ on “Is my signature wrong” and “progression recalculation” if things are off completely. If you’re still stuck, send a note to