Infinite Power Calc

The Program calculation is making some error, it is giving me higher power that what I trained at. My avg Power hardly ever goes over 110, so my infinite power cannot be 135, at that output I will be very tired after 30 mins. Thanks

Hi Fabiola. I would suggest you look at a few things. Since your Progression Chart has very few Best Activities (ones with medals and circles), this usually means that either your activities are too easy for you or that your power meter may be reading higher power data on occasion. It is good to calibrate your power meter often if data isn’t consistent. It is also better to push your yourself to reach your limit so that Xert can better determine your fitness. Generally, when both of these are addressed, your Progression Chart will have many more Best Activities and your Infinite Power is likely to be a lot closer to what you could maintain without getting very tired. Hope this helps.