Inexpensive Android device recommendation?

Hello! Now that the Xert Mobile player has been updated to support smart workouts, I’d like to give them a try. I currently have a Garmin 500, and don’t see myself purchasing a 520 anytime in the near future. Can you recommend an inexpensive Android device (with ANT support) that would meet my needs? Thanks!

Try used Galaxy S5 or TabPro on ebay ( 30-$100) I bought my Galaxy S5 off for $50! here is a link for electronic that has ANT+ built in good luck.

There are tons of choices. We’ve only come across one device that had a faulty USB port so wouldn’t work with an ANT+ stick but BlueTooth was fine. It was $30. The other super cheap option is to take an old laptop/PC and install Android on it. One could argue it is almost the same cost to buy a new Android, USB OTG cable and USB ANT+ stick as it is to buy an ANT+ stick for an iOS device.

Thanks to both of you for the help. I’m an iOS user, and totally unfamiliar with Android devices! One other question - does the Xert Mobile player support the Remote Player? I’d like to overlay the workout info on my laptop running Zwift, as I’ve seen in your video demonstrations. My current setup is a Quarq PM, Elite Turbo Muin, and USB Ant stick in a 2011 MacBook pro.

Soon. In testing at the moment.