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Hi All,
I have an Iphone, a Garmin 530, Garmin HRM (Ant+ only) and an Elite Direto. I have some questions about the setup:

  1. I want to record my workouts to Garmin, and also be able to monitor my heart rate (since it wont connect to Xert app on iphone). Is ok if I connect the Smart Trainer powermeter to the Garmin via Ant+ and via BLE to Xert IOS app? (obviously the trainer control will be conected to xert)

  2. Does Xert needs HR data for its algorithm?..Will I be screwing up the system by not recording HR via the Xert IOS app ?


What you could do is install the Xert Player on the Garmin 530 from Connect IQ, pair all sensors on the Garmin, then run the Connect IQ app to play your selected workouts.
To add a big screen experience to the workout run the XO Sessions Player in a browser on the device of your choice. For example, PC, laptop, tablet, or iPhone with Airplay to Apple TV.

While HR isn’t absolutely necessary for workouts and analysis it’s good to have on file for reference. For example, track HR drift on hard and long workouts. Plus HR is required within your historical data if you ever want to enable HRDM (derived metrics) for rides with HR that lack power data.


You could also record with your Garmin with power and hr connected and use the ios Xert app (without hr) to control the trainer. Save the recording on the Garmin and dismiss the recording on the Xert app and then let Garmin sync to Xert. You won’t get the name of the workout and the target power that way. But Xert analyses the workout like it does with outdoor free rides and gives it a name like “Difficult Mixed Puncheur Ride”.

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You also wont get the beautiful Workout Report sent to Strava that way :frowning:
How will your friends on Strava know that you worked out without it? :laughing:


I don’t use Strava (or any other social network) and I believe those are not friends but stalkers :wink:
…to each their own of course. Just one possibility among many.
My best friend and sometimes riding companion (actual friend not stalker) can see my workouts on Garmin Connect if he is extremely bored. The rest of the world has no business sticking their noses in my private live. I’m old and German :upside_down_face:


But maybe I should get a Strava account again (have had a few over the years to try stuff) for the Xert Reports?
My ‘about’ box usually reads: If you should know something about me - you would :wink:

I like to record with Garmin for another reason though, it keeps track of everything not just bike rides and I like the Firstbeat heart rate metrics. So I would have to sort out the duplicates and since I only ride once in a while most of the time if I move at all (pretty lazy and not an athlete by any definition) I’m probably better off with my approach.
I do love the Xert smart workouts and metrics and flexibility so I stay even if I draw your ranking statistics way down :stuck_out_tongue:

It does as far as I remember. I used it for a while on my Edge but even then I recorded on my Garmin watch and discarded the Edge Xert player data usually. But I seem to remember forgetting to start the Forerunner once and using the Edge data instead and it was complete and useful in Connect.
I now prefer the new Xert Android app it shows the workout graphic without the hassle of another device with a browser.

Another probably rather strange reason for using the watch to record is I can just record power and heart rate and cadence with it without fake distance or speed. Those bug me for some reason when I’m at home and clearly not moving.

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