Indoor workout with Xert Garmin Player but still records distance

I am new to Xert and still trying to learn how to use everything. I did my first workout on the smart trainer with the Xert player on my Garmin Edge 540, and even though I had GPS turned off in the Xert player, it still synced with Garmin Connect with GPS data. So you can imagine it was just a blob of lines with speed <1km/h, which threw off the data completely due to auto-stop detection, etc, when it was synced with Strava. (Note I had the Indoor Ride profile selected too in the main Garmin interface, for what it’s worth) It was my understanding that if I had GPS turned off in the Xert player, it would not try to record my distance. Am I missing something here? What am I doing wrong?

Hi @scongiundi ! Welcome!

It was a known issue with Garmin’s x40 units on specific firmware version… Last I had heard from our contact at Garmin, they were aware of the issue and were investigating. Not sure if anything has turned up yet.

EDIT: If you haven’t yet - ensure your device is running the latest firmware!

Thanks for the heads up. I believe I can use the iOS app instead to control the trainer and complete the SMART workout, right? If I do that, should I expect it then to sync directly with Xert (without having to go through Strava or Garmin Connect)?

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You’re exactly right! If you record the training with Xert EBC, it will go straight to Xert!

Xert will also push it to Strava with a neat workout (or Forecast) report - like the one below - if you have the ‘Sync New Xert Activities to Strava’ option enabled in the Sync > Strava page!

I’ll mention that the advantage of using the garmin Xert player is that I can connect with the garmin to the trainer via ANT+ and also connect the trainer to the Apple TV via Bluetooth. Doing this allows me to ride in Zwift to get some distance/speed data (albeit virtual) while still completing the SMART workouts with the Garmin. Will be nice if/when Garmin sorts out their issue.