"Indoor Workout" versus "Virtual Ride"

Hi all,

Scheduling some workouts and wondering what the difference is between a “Indoor Workout” and a “Virtual Ride”.
And why is the difference in Recommended XSS so big between the two?

Gr Johan B


IMO a workout would be something like a Xert workout or some other program or coaches workout with intervals and such while a virtual ride would be like a Zwift ride or race or something like Fulgaz.

Thats also something is suspect, but the it is still a mysterie to me why one type only needs 68 XSS and the other 261 XSS. That is a huge difference also looking at the Training Deficit of 144 XSS.
What is the reasoning behind this difference?

I think XATA looks to previous activities on the same day over the past 30 days for recommendations. This might be the closest XSS available for a virtual ride on that specific day, say on a Wednesday for example. Not sure why the workout is so low, were you looking very early in the morning (like 1 or 2am) for a workout and the deficit is for nearly 24 hours later at 11:59pm?

Recommendations are based on what you’ve ridden recently on same day of week in each category, so you’ll want to factor that against your deficit which is pts required to reach Noon position on the Training Pacer.

Virtual activities would be rides performed on Zwift, Rouvy, Fulgaz, etc. versus an indoor workout you selected from the Workout Library (standard, community, or personal) and recorded on EBC.

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Clear, thanks!