Indoor vs Outdoor workouts

Hi all,
maybe some of you has seen the difference between indoor and outdoor training. My problem is that the gap between the two modes becomes bigger and bigger. For me it is much more difficult to execute a workout on the indoor trainer. I train with Elite Diretto trainer and dedicated bike on it - this setup is used mainly in the winter. Once the weather outside is fine I switch to another bike with Quarq power meter. During the initial training phase I was using only the indoor trainer (diretto) and trainer load is building. Then when the weather allowed it - I began using the bike with Quarq outside. Immediately I made a series of breakthroughs. After that the workouts on the trainer become harder. Then I made a few more breakthroughs outdoors. Thank god the weather was fine and I didn’t have to use the indoor trainer. But now it got too rainy… and today I tried the workout suggested by the trainer advisor… totally failed it… I do calibrate both indoor/outdoor powermeters (but they are different)… so is there a way to make the indoor training more bearable?

Hi Andrey, which workout player are you using?

I’m using Edge 820 with Garmin Connect IQ Xert Workout Player

A workaround for now would be to scale the workout (swiping left/right on the 820) down about 10% or so. We’re looking into making it easier for athletes to use an “indoor” and an “outdoor” signature for workouts.


Thanks… I’ll give it a try.

Afterwards, you can use the advanced MPA tab to lower your HIE and TP about ~10% (or however much you scale down the workout), to provide you with the correct XSS and Focus. Let me know if you’d need assistance with that.

I’d like to learn of the changes you were/are considering regarding indoor vs outdoor training. Assuming all of the same data is collected, perhaps you’re accounting for the psychological aspects :smile: