Indoor vs. outdoor power curve - best practice?


Until last week I only rode outside. With the weather becoming cold and wet, I started training indoors. However, I am still going out if it is a nice day.

What is the best practice with Xert and smart workouts in this mixed situation?

My indoor FTP is significantly lower - 302W outside vs. something like 275W indoors. If I try intense Xert smart workouts on the trainer, my “outside” power curve is nearly killing me. :slight_smile: Should I simply delete my “outside” history as well as future “outside” efforts until end of winter season, and have Xert calculate an “indoor” power curve?


If you are using the same power meter, you should develop your sweat response and use large fans to reduce the influence of heat. Ride in a cold room. If you’re having difficulty with the targets, choose easier workouts or try using the Garmin Workout Player’s workout scaling function. This will soon be available on our other workout players. If you use Zwift, reduce the FTP setting. But I wouldn’t change your signature. You simply need to adapt to the indoors.

OK. Giant fan in place already, and the room is chilly. So let’s see what happens in the next weeks. My Garmin keeps announcing lower and lower FTP values… :wink: Thank you! Marc