Increasing workout intensity

so as to increase the intensity of a given workout on my KickR smart bike, while using Auto Mode, i also add 6% of elevation and raise the ‘intensity’ by 10%. I do that because the ordinary workout has me pedaling away at intensity levels that put me to sleep: e.g., warm up at 20 watts; recovery intervals at zero.

I"'m not sure what happened following a 5 day interruption last week to go out of State. Upon my return, my LTP was in the toilet, my TP dropped dramatically. It was as if I had never been training at all. The other very weird outcome is that I can generate a BT on every workout, enhancements to intensity notwithstanding, by doing them as prescribed, and then in the last one/two efforts, pedaling my ass off.

I’'m not sure WTH is going on. I’ve updated fitness signatures. I"m on a Challenge plan w/ Moderate - 2 improvement. All input gratefully received. Anthony

FWIW, I have figured out WTH is going on: do not inadvertently start and then immediately stop a Garmin activity while your Fenix is still connected to your KickR bike. It will be auto logged into XERT as a 2” workout and absolutely screw up every bit of Fitness data. So, I went to “Table” to find that out, did so, deleted it, reset my Athlete type to Climber, changed decay to match training load, saved, recalculated progression. All of that reset my fitness signatures that now more accurately represent what is realistic for me. HTH anybody who has similar issues. Anthony

Glad you figured it out as I was scratching my head over that one. :thinking:
Normally deleting any recent bad activities (or flagging those with questionable data) is enough to correct/update signature values and current progression.
Recalculate Progression is a full account reset that recalculates from the beginning of your data clearing any saved/locked activities on file.

Reference –
When to use the ‘Recalculate Progression’ feature on your Fitness Signature – Xert (

Thank you, RR2 for you response. I was sure perplexed. Damn Garmin Fenix 6 is more trouble than it’s worth just to import the data via Strava in Garmin connect to get the FirstBeat analysis. The Garmin Pro chest strap, however, has been faultless in acquiring and reporting HR data. So, there’s that. Anyhow, thanks again… and also for the Recalculate Progression link. take care, Anthony