Increasing 1-3 min power

Hi all,

I’m looking to improve my racing on zwift and have got my TP to pretty much where I want it and now want to improve my 1-3 min power and ability to sprint at the end of a hard race. What are the best settings to go for with regard to target event date, athlete type, improvement rate, etc.?

Ideally I’d like to do two Zwift races per week and let Xert advise workouts for the other days.

Thanks in advance.

Target date is either real or fictitious for lack of any real ‘one day event’ - if the latter, I would set it 6 to 8 weeks from now, so you go into Build. Probably Pursuiter should be your athlete type, or perhaps Puncheur. Improvement rate is arbitrary: how much time do you have available and how much stress (TL) can you handle?

Thanks for the reply Robert,

Yes I don’t really have a target one day event so can set the fictitious date. I’d got my Athlete type set to Pursuiter.

Re improvement rate, I can do approx 12-14 hours per week and my current training status is 4 stars. I’ve currently got it set to Moderate-1.

I guess it’s best to leave the target date set until it’s reached and then go for a maintenance/low improvement rate?

Yes, after this cycle, which includes a taper week (don’t forget to set IR by then), I would shift it another 6 - 8 weeks and continue.

Maybe take a week off first, if you feel like it.

If at any time you feel you can handle it, maybe consider changing IR to 2.

Great, thanks. I’ll give it a go and see how things pan out.