Increase in Load but no Break Throughs....effect on fitness signature

What change to my fitness signature can I expect if I just keep increasing workload but achieve no break throughs?

Probably depends on your decay setting.
If I’m on ‘winter mode’, no decay, lots of zone 2, I find my TP/LTP track up by a couple of watts per week, which seems to be borne out as correct when I eventually go for a BT.
FWIW even in winter/base I think I benefit from a BT effort at least once a month to keep some high/peak in my legs, otherwise it takes ages to snap into spring mode.

Good question @kojiro ! As you train more, we would expect that your fitness signature will increase… whether or not you do a FTP test or maximal effort to ‘prove’ it. Xert will estimate how much your signature increases with your training load based on your historical data.

@RobT Decay setting won’t matter much anymore since the latest updates to Xert - all decay methods have the ‘Training Load Matched’ function to them. Even with ‘Slow Decay’ setting and no BT’s notice how this user’s TP tracks upward with their Training load:

Ref: Improvements to Fitness Signature Tracking – Xert

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Thanks Scott - must have missed that update. I note you can still select different / original decay options in profile: what should that be set to now, in light of the new mode? Is it still “whatever best suits us” it’s just that they’ve all changed a bit?

Now the Slow Decay, Optimal, & Aggressive decay will only decay to about ~5% below where we would expect your signature to be (based on No Decay). The main difference between them will be how quickly they decay to that point (aggressive will get there quickly, slow will take longer, & optimal between those two).

The ‘No Decay - Training Load Matched’ option will still track more or less exactly what we would expect your signature to be given your TL.


Excellent - thanks for the reply!

Thanks Scott.