Incorrect workout titles

Hi - i have ‘Select a recommended workout automatically’ ticked so Xert chooses workouts for me - however on occasions I will ask to load more choices and select a different workout to the one chosen for me. This I do on the desktop and then choose the new workout to follow on the iOS app. Once I finish the session and save the ride the session title will revert back to the original ‘automatically’ chosen workout name. For example today’s system chosen workout was a Recovery 20 for me but i decided to do a Smart opener 5. Completed ride. Saved from the iOS app. But session saved as Recover 20 to Strava and Xert. I also noticed 15mins of ‘dead’ time between the time I chose the alternative session on desktop and when I started the session (15mins to get prepared and turbo set up). Any thoughts or advice? thank you.

Hi Shane. These issues are being addressed in the next release. It’s currently in beta. If you wish, you can test it here:

Hi Armando, sorry for my late reply, many thanks for letting me know, other than these few issues I’m really enjoying training with Xert so looking forward to the updates.