Incorrect Reading of .fit Files?


I am toying around with the web application, and am currently discouraged due to what seems to be an overwhelming incorrect reading of all of my .fit files.

When first creating the account, I immediately uploaded several hundred .fit files that I’ve accumulated over the years (stored on PC straight from the Garmin device - no manipulations/external application exports). After waiting for the Xert fitness progression calculations to complete, I found that my calculated threshold power is unreasonably high (500+ W - my actual estimate currently is ~300 W). Looking at the table version of the Activities Tab, I saw that all my activities had Peak Power entries in the ~2,000 W range - again unreasonably high.

After checking out the Forums a bit, I also tried recalculating my progression MULTIPLE times but to no avail: nothing seems to be corrected.

To further diagnose in Xert, I tried deleting ALL my several hundred activities and uploaded a single “corrected” .fit file using FitFileTools web app to trim any power readings over 1,500W. Again, upon viewing the activ ity and looking at the Peak Power and Threshold Power entries, they are at extremely high values.

I find all of this odd as I routinely import my .fit files into WKO+ where everything seems to be reasonable. Same thing goes for entries that I upload to Strava and sync’ed with Garmin Connect: all seems reasonable.

Would you be able to assist to determine what might be wrong and a way to correct things? This is frustrating because I really am excited to see what Xert has to offer, but this first step of correctly importing data is very troublesome (and annoying to be quite frank - sorry).

Thanks for the time.

On rare occasions, erroneous data can creep into the progression and make things difficult. Our apologies. (In fact, if you could help us indentify which activity/activities are causing issues, we can look to further improve the initial onboarding process. We always here to help with this.)

Fortunately, a simple progression recalculation had resulted in decent results for you. If you add in a large number of older activities, be sure to do a full progression recalc at some point. If more errors pop up, let us know and we’ll dig into it.

Thanks for joining Xert!

Hi, Armando. Thanks for the quick reply. Your run of the progression recalculation seemed very promising (results seemed reasonable), so I tried to upload a couple of months worth of additional data. Things seem to be in-error again, even after running a “Recalculate Progression” several times from the My Fitness->Advanced screen.

Mind helping again please and perhaps pass along additional recommendations on how I can make historical additions without having to nag you again? Thanks!

Delete Mar 29th and re-run a recalculation using a reasonable signature (use the calculator if you don’t have estimates for PP and HIE).