Improvements for the Goals and Settings screen

This is the most important screen in all of Xert in my humble opinion. :grinning:

Suggestion #1
It shouldn’t be a pop-up. Integrate it as part of the Training Advisor page.

Suggestion #2
You have “Estimated Weekly Training” for the current chosen Improvement Rate. However, since I prefer to think in terms of XSS (and I think you have a blog post that implies that you do too) could you please include an estimate of the Weekly XSS at the chosen Improvement Rate?

Suggestion #3
Instead of forcing the user to click through each of the Improvement Rates to see the resulting projections and estimated weekly training time/XSS, please just pre-calculate it for all the rates and show all the projections in a table. Then let the user choose from the table without the need for pressing an Update button.

Suggestion #4
Do away with the star-based system for workout Difficulty rating and just use the numerical Difficulty score everywhere. I feel this will make it easier to use the Freshness Feedback scale. At the moment, I find myself iterating multiple times between tweaking the Freshness Feedback, and seeing what workouts the Training Advisor suggests.

Suggestion #5
For reference, show your current Improvement Rate based on the last week and last month of activities. This will I think help ground the meaning of the different Improvement Rate levels in the user’s mind. I also think it will help me choose the appropriate Improvement Rate for a rest period in the context of my recent training.


And to add just an suggestion from my side:

If you click somewhere in the perfomance chart show the workout(s) you performed at that specific time.
That way it is much more easier to understand what caused that sudden increase in TP or PP etc.

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