Improvement rate question

I’ve set my goal date for 120 days out. I’m confused about which improvement rate to choose. Since it is winter now, I only have about 4 to 5 hours a week to train. This aligns with off- season or taper. Is this what I should choose for improvement rate, then later in early spring choose a different improvement rate as I have more time to train? Or should I choose a something like slow improvement rate (6hours) and just not meet the weekly training time goals? Thanks!

Hi Aaron. Good question. You should choose the improvement rate that reflects what you can achieve, even f it means a decline in fitness for the time being. Once you have more time, you can increase it. The idea behind it is to maximize your training load since this correlates directly with your fitness when it is based on accumulated XSS. Using the highest Improvement Rate you can fit into your schedule, is the key.

Ok, thanks!

Does improvement rate automatically change now? It used to be that you could select the rate of improvement desired.

Thank you in advance for the response.

Hi @mba266,

No, improvement rate does not automatically change. You can edit the improvement rate via the ‘Goals’ button on the right-hand side of the my-fitness page!


Thank you, I did not remember it being on the goals page.