Improvement Rate changes automatically?

Over the past month or so the setting for Improvement Rate has changed by itself. Is this an automatic feature when a Goal Target Event Date is set? The first few times it happened, I attributed it to opening the Xert iOS app and the setting there somehow getting out of sync with the setting I see via a browser on my Windows PC. Then it happened again. And again.

I haven’t been using the iOS app at all for well over a month and it just happened again. I am close to my Target Event (11 days away). I had it set to Moderate-2 and today it was set to Taper. The documentation here (Improvement Rate – Xert) says nothing about it being changed automatically. It also says Taper is “…the rate to choose once you’ve reached your goal and would like to maintain your fitness a week before your event and ensure you are appropriately recovered.”